Still not got it!

Well, I am not sure what has happened. After many years of happy cooking and baking the last two months has found me making disaster after disaster.

This week, I thought my baking mojo had returned. I had a sudden urge to make ginger biscuits.  So, there I was melting and mixing and placing lovely balls of dough onto the baking tray. I popped said ginger biscuits into the oven. Three minutes later I realised that I had forgotten to add the ginger.  So these ginger biscuits were downgraded to biscuits.  They tasted nice, but still…

Today, I have a sore throat and so made myself a hot, steaming honey and lemon drink with added root ginger. It was delicious and it got me thinking about making a lemon and ginger cake. I set to it straight away.  Hooray, I have it back.

Readers, the cake burned.

I will be back, I will, I will. I’m just not sure when.

Kath x

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16 thoughts on “Still not got it!”

  1. See you when you return. I know what you mean about the mojo. Haivng moved into my new home, I need a kickstart. Hope your feeling better though x

  2. It happens. It’s not good. Especially if you HAVE to produce something for friends. I end up gibbering about how the oven was too hot/the flour not my usual/having a bad day because the failed biscuits, cake or whatever seem to suggest I too am a failure. But we do all, eventually, get over it.

  3. Maybe I should post some pictures of MY baking so that you really know what a disaster looks like! But seriously, I do understand what you feel like – are you worried about anything/feeling a bit off …. if so, it could be coming out in your cooking. Maybe you should try your all time favourite fail-safe recipe to get you back on track? Good luck! xC

  4. Biscuits are good, ginger or not. Things come and go. Writers get writer’s block, presumably cooks get cook’s block. You will return to full strength in time I know.

  5. I’m still convinced that this is a temporary phenomenon. Imagine how much better you’ll be when you get over this patch – it’ll be a learning experience. I hope the sore throat has disappeared.

  6. Oh Kath, just enjoy catching up with all those other things. You and your mojo will be back and we love to hear from you burnt cakes notwithstanding! Hope you didn’t go down with anything too bad and you are fighting fit again now.

  7. Gosh you have been quiet! We sold up and moved into a c*@p rented house with a rubbish oven/kitchen a few months ago & that really threw me. But I have also lost the mojo in the past with nothing as an excuse…its a challenge for whatever reason to keep that train going sometimes ; )

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