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Welcome, I am Kath and I hope my recipes inspire you.

I love to cook.  I learned to cook from watching and helping my mum whilst growing up. I could often be found with my head in my mum’s copy of Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery or The Dairy Book of Family Cookery from a young age. Nothing much changes and I am always surrounded by a sea of recipe books.  I am a self taught cook and baker and created The Ordinary Cook in 2009 to share my recipes with others and it’s been quite a journey. Writing this blog led me to fall in love with bread and bread making and it has become a passion and an obsession.

In 2014 I set up Veg Patch Kitchen, a cookery school that teaches you how to make delicious bread at home. I have a range of online courses that are designed to help you achieve success with making bread.

My love of bread has led to a passion for using freshly milled flour in my bread, cakes, pastry and biscuits. I have a website dedicated to it, so if you are interested in finding out more about using freshly milled flour in your baking pop over to millingfresh.com.

If you have any questions please do contact me.


This is me, doing what I love, at a loaf shaping demonstration.
This is me, doing what I love, at a loaf shaping demonstration.
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29 thoughts on “About Kath”

  1. Hi Sue,
    Brilliant, I look forward to hearing about what you are cooking . I am sure you will need some recipes for eggs if not for olives…

  2. Hi Kath,

    Cottage pie is easy enough for even me!

    I could be in trouble with the damson vodka though but I’m certainly going to give it a go…….

  3. Hi Kath

    You have a magnificent blog. I love your enthusiasm. Congratulations.

    I am new to blogging and thoroughly enjoy posting my daily recipe. Your recipes sound and look absolutely delicious – every one a taste-explosion for the taste-buds.

    I have added you to my blogroll and I invite you to have a look at my blog – I would be honoured if you would add me to your blogroll.

    Looking forward to sharing with you.

    Sunny regards,

    1. Hi Mandy,
      Thank you for your very kind comments. I like what you are doing with the Complete CookBook, some lovely recipes there and would be pleased to include you in my blogroll.

  4. Hello Kath – I’m still around. Been away, got back, got muddled, resorted, went away, came back – with loads of apples and pears from daughter’s garden …. I’ve got a load of your recipes to try too …

    1. Hi Flavia, I am glad you are still around. Life gets in the way sometimes doesn’t it. It’s always good to come back with lots of good things to eat though. Looking forward to hearing about the cooking x

  5. Hi Kath – today I managed to use up all apples, pears, onions, beetroot and made a spicy autumn ketchup. I think it should be OK. The only things is that at present a small piece of rubber glove finger has disappeared in the confusion.

  6. Thank you for the invitation to join this site. I have a great love of cooking, but have been feeling a palpable lack of inspiration for quite some time. Hopefully being in contact with like-minded home-chefs will renew some of my passion for the culinary arts 🙂

  7. Hi Kath. I love your website… I love to bake but not good at it as I’m not good in following instructions.. Your boiled fruit cake is easy enough though. I usually like to get some ideas on ingredients , and I will definitely try your lemon yogurt cake.
    Maria from South Australia

    1. Hello Maria, thank you for your lovely comment.I am rubbish at following instructions too. As long as you enjoy the process and the results are edible I think it’s all good. Keep doing it. Do try the lemon and yoghurt cake. I made it the other day with plain yoghurt and it was just as good as with the lemon flavoured yoghurt.

  8. I came home cold, tired and hungry and have been transported to a world of comfort & wonderful yet modestly branded ‘ordinary cooking’. I could taste some of those glorious bakes. Brilliant blog lets hope there’s a book soon.

  9. I love making jam & chutney to give as presents at Christmas. Am looking forward to trying some of your lovely recipes. Thank you best wishes, Pam

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