I promise to be back

I know I haven’t been here for ages and for that I am very sorry.  I haven’t dropped off the end of the world or anything even mildly dramatic.  I have been baking and cooking, but whatever it has been it has been posted here already or it has been a disaster.  My baking skills have deserted me, hopefully temporarily.

I have been dressmaking too! I know, who would have thought it? I have wanted to make my own clothes for many a year.  My gran was a wonderful dressmaker and milliner and I have always aspired to be more like her.  So this year I set myself a challenge to make a dress and with a bit of trial and error I will get there.

In the meantime I will try to make time to visit your blogs and try to find where I left my own cooking inspiration.  It is around here somewhere, perhaps under the piles of fabric and dress patterns.

Kath x

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23 thoughts on “I promise to be back”

  1. I seem to have the same problems ,you are not alone !!!! Its my friend’s birthday today so knowing he likes a fruit cake I made one on Saturday.What a disaster,it turned out to be a ” fruit brick”.Not to worry,I know he likes a “nice victoria sandwich “.Out came all cooking utensils etc,quickly made it Sunday morning as I wanted to give it to him in the afternoon.Could’nt believe it ! another disaster .I renamed it a ” victorian biscuit “Normally I am quite good at making these two cakes,but not this time.We had a good laugh about the debacle,I think I shall have to buy him some indigestion mixture!!! So no more baking cakes for a while.

  2. Happy to see your post. Just consider it a post-holiday slump. You know that we all go through times of cooking disasters and lack of inspiration. I know that you will be baking at full speed before long. Who knows? Perhaps we soon will be reading tales of your growing dressmaker skills. Have fun!

  3. Dressmaking sounds like an extremely good reason to be having a blog sabbatical. Also’The ordinary dressmaker’ has a certain ring don’t you think or maybe The ordinary Milliner is better. Anyway I know all about breaks from blogging! I make tiffin all the time at the moment and always think of you. Rx
    Ps – never been so tired, happily so, but so very tired in my life

    1. I make the cabbage cake and think of you! Ooh yes the tiredness. Nothing can really prepare you for that. Before you have babies you think you are busy, then you have babies and wonder what you did with all that time you used to have. Enjoy every tired moment. He will be at school before you can blink an eye. x

  4. I used to do loads of dressmaking etc and always found it very therapeutic. Cooking disasters – I have my fair share too Kath, take the lemon cake I made yesterday…….! We can exchange comments again when you get back to blogging.

  5. Glad to hear that all is OK. I’ve missed you. Dress making sounds very scary to me, although I did manage to make myself a dress once, with a bit of help from my mother. Expect you will do a great job.

    Those spring flowers will soon be out and that might bring back some food inspiration.

  6. I think it’s just something to do with winter. Come the spring, the baking will be back on track. (I think I should hibernate). I’m full of admiration for you making your own clothes – I struggle to sew on buttons.

  7. Hi Kath it really must be the time of the year – I tried making macaroons last weekend and they were a disaster from beginning to end! Always happy to read your posts whether they are days or months apart.

  8. Maybe we should blog our disasters too – might be fun! I’ve been knitting – very relaxing, very retro. I sew too but not clothes for many a year! Hope to see you back soon.

  9. You will come back refreshed, I’m sure. I just bought a book on hand sewing. I’m keen on getting a new project started. I love getting lost in tiny details. Enjoy the challenge of making the dress. Don’t be afraid to start over again…again…and again. That’s part of the fun(frustration).

  10. I know the feeling, my friend! Sometimes, we do ned abreak from it all!
    I can’t wait for you return & your tasty creations! Kisses from Mechelen, Belgium! 🙂

  11. I made a lemon drizzle cake not long ago and put so much baking powder in it (just in case!) that it just tasted of …. baking powder! Still got eaten – just smothered it in lemony goo to take the bad taste away! hey ho ! Nice to have you back even so. xC

  12. Seems several of us have had baking problems at the moment.But I had a success on Saturday.Having been very busy all day moving furniture around I thought I deserved CAKE for my treat instead of wine ! Not wanting to put the oven on ( it was getting late) and I wanted cake there and then, I Googled ” microwave cake”.Lo and behold up came a video about making a microwave sponge ! It looked so easy and tasty and being desperate for something sweet,I thought I’d have a go .Now I am old fashioned and believe cooking should be done traditionally.Cream sugar and fat first etc.But this was a” mix it all together”cake,no need for all that fuss.With the addition of cocoa powder,in no time at all I had a really lovely chocolate sponge .Moist, tasty and light.I felt a bit of a cheat cooking this way and I am ashamed to say that I had eaten it in 24 hrs,although my cousin had a “sliver” to sample ! Mustn’t complain anymore about my expanding girth ! Has anybody else made cakes this way ?

    1. ooh Auntie Em, this cake sounds delicious and a very handy one for the repertoire, and I think you were being generous sharing it too. I have tried a Nigella recipe for steamed choc puddings done in seven minutes in the microwave which sounds similar. That was good. Don’t talk about expanding girths… I have been on an exercise regime since January and weight is going on and not coming off – ho hum.

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