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I tend to cook in grams and millilitres, so most of my recipes on this site are written with the measurements in grams and mls.  However, you might prefer to cook in ounces.  These conversion tables are here to help you convert the measurements.  Please remember though that the recipes on this site have been tested using ingredients weighed in grams, so you may find your baking works out a little differently if you are measuring in ounces.  It will still taste good though.

The vital thing is not to mix the measurements. If you weighed the first ingredient in grams then make sure you weigh the rest of the ingredients in grams.

The metric to imperial conversions are taken from Delia Smith’s Complete Cookery Course and everything Delia does is right :).

Apologies to my American readers – I have investigated the conversion of grams to cups and it seems fraught with the potential to go wrong, and I wouldn’t want that to happen.

Metric                    Imperial

10g                                    ½ oz
20g                                   ¾ oz
25g                                    1 oz
40g                                   1½ oz
50g                                   2oz
60g                                   2½oz
75g                                    3oz
110g                                  4oz
125g                                  4½oz
150g                                  5oz
175g                                   6oz
200g                                 7oz
225g                                  8oz
250g                                  9oz
275g                                   10oz
350g                                  12oz
450g                                  1lb
700g                                  1½lb
900g                                 2lb
1.3kg                                 3lb


55ml                                2fl oz
75ml                                3fl oz
150ml                             5 fl oz or ¼pint
275ml                             10fl oz or ½pint
425ml                            15fl oz or ¾pint
570ml                            1pint
725ml                            1¼pint
1 litre                             1¾pint
1.2litre                          2 pint
1.5litre                          2½pint
2.25litre                       4pint

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  1. I know what you mean about conversions being a minefield over here in the UK we are lucky only to have pounds/ounces/pints to convert to Millilitres

    AFAIK there are FIVE Cup measures standards so I tend to stick to the one conversion done by the Metric Kitchen ( just out of preference and it seems to work quite well

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