Meet Mabel

Apologies to everybody visiting and expecting to read about my latest food adventures. This post is to show you some of the reason I have been so tardy with my blog posts lately.

Meet Mabel…

Isn’t she lovely?

She has lived with us since March. I think she likes it in our dining room – being privy to all the goings on in the Ordinary Cook household. It looks like she is trying to make a dash for it from the front door in this picture but I promise she isn’t. The heavens have opened today and the house has become as dark as November. The only place for Mabel to pose, in a suitable light to emphasise her best features, is by the front door. She came back in willingly enough.

Here she is wearing the dress I made. Yes, all by myself. It took me six months, but still…

I am ridiculously pleased with my efforts. It actually looks as if I hadn’t made it – if you know what I mean. It has had a few outings and I am sure there will be plenty more.

I have the material and the pattern for my next creation, it might just take another six months or so.

Meet Mabel