Meet Mabel

Apologies to everybody visiting and expecting to read about my latest food adventures. This post is to show you some of the reason I have been so tardy with my blog posts lately.

Meet Mabel…

Isn’t she lovely?

She has lived with us since March. I think she likes it in our dining room – being privy to all the goings on in the Ordinary Cook household. It looks like she is trying to make a dash for it from the front door in this picture but I promise she isn’t. The heavens have opened today and the house has become as dark as November. The only place for Mabel to pose, in a suitable light to emphasise her best features, is by the front door. She came back in willingly enough.

Here she is wearing the dress I made. Yes, all by myself. It took me six months, but still…

I am ridiculously pleased with my efforts. It actually looks as if I hadn’t made it – if you know what I mean. It has had a few outings and I am sure there will be plenty more.

I have the material and the pattern for my next creation, it might just take another six months or so.

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24 thoughts on “Meet Mabel”

  1. So pleased to see Mabel has a dress now teehee. Well done, you’ve done a fantastic job with that dress. You have the patience of a saint!

    1. I never thought about her as naked before Chele. Now I am worried about her dignity. The girls have put an apron on her in the last few days though, so she is at least now decent 😉

  2. She is indeed and so you should be – she’s bloody brilliant and I’d like to make a commission. I am melting in Rome and crawling has begun (Luca obviously but often with me behind on all fours collecting the fallout from his investigations). How on earth do you manage two. Hope you are all having a good summer x

    1. I don’t envy you the Rome weather. I would be doing nothing but lying under an air conditioning unit. Ah, crawling – you can’t wait for them to start and then you wish they would stay still – just for a minute or maybe two. The summer hols are going far too fast, but we are having a lovely time. x

  3. A ha! So that’s what you’ve been up to …. well we all need a change. Guess what – I’ve been off the pottery lately and bought some fabric to make a quilt with last week. Watch this space! Could I borrow Mabel to drape it over? Well done on the dress – it looks great! xCathy

    1. I love it! I am really glad you are going to make a quilt with fabric after all those lovely clay ones you have made. I would love to make one, but it would take me years and years and years.

  4. Thank you so much Kath for your warm comment. I love Mabel, she has a fantastic figure and that dress is utterly lovely. I am envious of your sewing talents!!!

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