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I have been neglecting this poor blog. Not because I want to, but because life has been busy. My cookery school, Veg Patch Kitchen, has overtaken my time and energy. I am really pleased with its progress in its first eighteen months. We have had lots of successful and well received bread making classes at my sister’s house in South Shropshire, at a village hall local to me here in Ironbridge, at Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre in Craven Arms and at Acton Scott Historic Working Farm. I have also run a few classes, on a voluntary basis, for a brilliant local project Let’s Grow Telford.

I absolutely love teaching people the pleasure of making your own bread. It’s wonderful to get an email from someone that has attended a class giving me an update on their bread making adventures and telling me how bread making has become an important part of their routine.

Last month we decided to take the plunge and make better use of our outbuilding. This particular outbuilding was piled high with plant pots, tools, furniture that we neither wanted but couldn’t bring ourselves to get rid of and general junk. Being natural hoarders it was easier to add something to the growing pile in the shed than make the decision to take something to the tip. So we braced ourselves, Mr OC and I, and emptied it completely. Most of the stuff made it to the tip. Some of it made it into the adjoining garage. Enter our garage at your peril! If the chiminea doesn’t get you, the old bench will.

The plan is to make this former dead space into a kitchen that we can use for the cookery courses. Having it on the doorstep will make it so much easier to run more courses and to still be here for the girls.

My Dad has been working all hours and like a trojan to help me with the electrics, the plumbing, putting kitchen units together, etc, etc. He is a very talented man my Dad and can pretty much turn his hand to anything.

Everything is rolling along very quickly and hopefully the classes can start to run from here very soon. I am very much looking forward to welcoming people to Veg Patch Kitchen headquarters. Although, the garden and in particular the eponymous veg patch needs some attention first. If you come, can you promise not to look too closely at the weeds?  Oh, the irony.

This is all happening because of this blog. If I hadn’t started The Ordinary Cook back in 2009 then I wouldn’t have developed my passion for bread, and it would never have occurred to me that I could pass on my knowledge and skills to other people. I am very grateful that The Ordinary Cook has created a new path and a new adventure. It’s funny how life takes its twists and turns and offers you opportunities that you would never have expected. If you had told me, back in 2009, that in 2016 I would have my own business running a cookery school I would have looked at you askance and backed gently away. Back then I was working in economic development, helping other people to achieve their dreams of growing their small business.

Once the kitchen is complete and the courses are up and running, I hope to find time to come back here with new recipes, but for now, please be patient with me. I will be back, but not just yet.

Kath x

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10 thoughts on “Veg Patch Kitchen”

  1. I really must come and see this school of yours in action. i have some friends who’ve just moved down your way. Perhaps that will provide the spur I need. I seem to have put bread making on the back burner, and that’s a shame too.

  2. Kath, congratulations and very best wishes with this new venture. It’s obviously exactly the right next step for you, and it will be a huge success, for sure! We will love hearing about it on the blog—but only when you have time, because we want you to stay sane 😉 and three cheers for your lovely Dad!

  3. Hi Kath, My blog has fallen into similar neglect–I understand completely about how life changes take over. I am so pleased that your classes have gone so splendidly, and transformed into something larger. It’s true, you never know how one thing can alter everything! all the best–such an exciting time.

    1. Thank you Nancy and I hope all is well with you and the reason you are away from your blog is a positive one. I have not even had time to keep up with reading everyone else’s blogs. I will pop over and visit yours.

  4. Kath – Congratulations . I am so so so HAPPY for you and wish you well with this future ambition, which I know will be successful x You know I started a veggie eatery a few years back and that too was because of my blog, it was good for a year but the town it was in is decline I closed it down, I may return to it – but I do know its hard work, so so not worry about blogging, just share with us now and again progress of what is happening and your bready creations. Honestly if I lived near I would be one of your students! Wishing you all the success in the world. x

    1. Thank you for the support (as always) Shaheen, I do hope that you will return to the restaurant business at some point when it is right for you. Life takes us in interesting directions. I wish you could visit, that would be wonderful. x

  5. Fantastic! Now you are realising your dream! 😊 The year is passing so quickly – I’ve been neglecting my blog too but not for any reason as exciting as yours. Good luck and hope to read about it all here, soon. Cx

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