Marinated olives

The girls have broken up from school and seven weeks of freedom stretches ahead of them. What halcyon days… I remember them well, the sheer loveliness of being able to roam and suit myself and the sun always seemed to be blazing. But I might remember it differently from the actual reality.

What this means for me, of course, is that I will be here less often probably. We will be baking and cooking, I just won’t have the time to tell you about it.

Before the school term ended a few of us mums took the chance to have a sneaky afternoon of eating in my garden. It was really lovely. It was a friend’s birthday, so the perfect excuse for all of us to indulge. Everyone bought something along to share and a proper feast was set before us. I made the birthday cake, a lemon one, as requested, and I dipped into Rachel’s book and made her marinated olives. I am not going to give you the recipe because you really, really should buy the book as it is wonderful and full to the seams with things you will want to cook. I served the olives with manchego cheese, which paired perfectly.

Marinated olivesMay the sun shine for the next six weeks or so…


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6 thoughts on “Marinated olives”

  1. Oh, Rachel’s book is a proper part of your life now, eh? Mine too. It’s the only cookery book I have ever truly read from cover to cover. I hope you and your girls enjoy discovering ALL the recipes in the long break.

  2. Those marinated olives look divine! However, I am going to have to patient for the US edition of Rach’s book–set to February 2016 publication! In the meantime–hope you are enjoying a lovely time with your family. All the best, Nancy

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