Chef’s Jacket from Viking

I was approached by the PR team from Viking to see if I would review an item from their culinary range . I had a look through their online selection and there were a lot of things I wanted to try out, but my eye was caught by the chef’s jacket.

I have a plan. In my last post I explained how I have been a stay at home mum for the past five years, keeping my hand in with this blog and volunteering at the local museum and my girls’ school. It’s time for a change though, before I get too stuck in a rut. We have the summer holidays hovering ahead of us. I am going to take this time to decide which way I should go. I can try to get back into the old career and get a full-time job. This option would mean a big life change for all of us but especially the girls.

The second option is to set up my kitchen and dining room as a home bakery, selling bread and cakes locally and running cookery lessons. This would allow more flexibility around the girls.

I have been doing my research into this second option and getting organised so that I can launch shortly after the girls start school again in September.

I have taken my Food Hygiene training in preparation which highlighted the importance of wearing clean, tidy clothing and preferably something that covered your ordinary clothing to protect the food from contamination.

The chef’s jacket then will be my uniform. It is manufactured by Alexandra and is unisex so can be buttoned either the female or male way. It is long enough to protect the bread from contact with my normal clothing. It appears to be tough enough to withstand the regular washing that it will need. I am pleased with the quality of it for the reasonable cost of £14.39 inclusive of VAT. I look forward to testing it fully in the future.

chef's jacket

I was not paid for this review but I did receive the chef’s jacket for free from Viking. All the opinions are my own and are honest.

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16 thoughts on “Chef’s Jacket from Viking”

  1. What a courageous and brilliant career change! All the very best of luck. I think there’s a real hunger among enough of the public for decent non-factory food to give you a market. My experience as a volunteer at our Community Bakery is that if you can find enough regular customers from some hotels or quality-tourist-destinations-with-tearooms this will give you a really decent customer base from which to face the future.

    1. Thank you Margaret. I have been thinking about it for years and putting it off for whatever reason. Now is the time to grasp all the hard work involved and see if I can make it work.

  2. The Country Cook

    Kath I would like to wish you well with your new venture,as demonstrated by your blog you have a real gift for communicating with people and I hope you can find a niche in your local food community,enjoy the summer I’m looking forwards to hearing what you are planning next.

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