Feeding a family of four for £3

Back in April I set a challenge for feeding a family of four for £3. Food poverty is becoming an increasing issue in the UK and food banks are experiencing an increasing demand. Food banks are not the entire solution, but they are an important way of making sure those in most need receive basic provisions when they need them most.

Fellow bloggers joined in and posted about the need to raise awareness of food poverty. My friend Rachel took part in the £1 a day Live Below the Line Challenge. The hardest thing for her was the lack  of fruit in her diet. Please do go and read her post about how she got on and how it has changed her perspective on consumption.

Another Rachel picked up the baton and posted about gnocchi with tomato sauce. A delicious dish made with ingredients that are cheap to source. If you aren’t already an avid reader of Rachel’s posts then I recommend that you scoot over there immediately and you will find yourself becoming a fan of her beautiful and thoughtful writing.

Nancy was my inspiration for this challenge and she too should be on your blog roll for her wonderful recipes and insights. She has posted many recipes that could be made for less than $4.

After I had started this challenge I watched Jack Monroe on BBC Breakfast and if you do nothing else today I want you to go straight over to her site and hear her views on food poverty. Jack has been living with it.

Choclette suggested dal as a delicious way to eat cheaply and inspired me to make one. Chip Butties and Noodle Soup also pointed me in the direction of her tomato and coconut lentil dal curry. Thanks to Choclette I also came across the Credit Crunch Munch blog challenge hosted by FabFood4All and Fuss Free Flavours. There are lots of recipes there for cheap and nutritious meals.

If you have any recipes that you want to share here please do let me know in the comments. If you have a food bank locally perhaps you could make a donation or volunteer your time this week.


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10 thoughts on “Feeding a family of four for £3”

  1. This is a huge issue. Thanks for keeping it in the light. In the past I’ve organized food and clothing drives for a local organization. Once even for a pet shelter. I need to start up this practice again and do it more often.

  2. When I was a student I loved eating dal and roti. I still do as for me it can be real comfort food. I know it is seen as peasant food by some, but its also one of the most popular dishes of the Indian subcontinent. There are so many dals too, so plenty of variety. I will check out the blogs you have suggested. Best wishes

  3. Thank you for this post – its a very good reality check. I read others through your links. I think everyone forgets about the poor old pulse and how useful it is. I know I would really miss fruit too.

    1. We are very lucky and ‘there by the grace of good fortune go I’ is called to mind. You are right, pulses are very useful – nutritious and cheap. Fruit is very important but is unfortunately becoming more expensive and less affordable.

  4. You are a true blog friend. I on the other hand am so slow these days. I do have a sort of reason. Thanks for gathering all this together and the links. Having done several meals for less than 4 recently I promised myself I would try a week. I will let you know. Hope you are all well

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