15 thoughts on “I’ve not been here….”

  1. The Country Cook

    Don’t you worry, life happens and things change!
    Hope you manage to get a holiday,I’m still working through all your lovely recipes,

  2. Don’t worry. It’s true, there’s a lot here to work through already, and if it’s not fun for you at the moment, leave well alone. Hope you get that holiday though 😉

  3. Well, if I can take three months off and get away with it, I’m sure you can! Don’t worry about it – it happens. It’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things – and anyway my aga’s conked out, so we’re on sarnies and takeaways at the moment … in a cold kitchen! xCathy

    1. Ah, what a pain. My Aga must be having sympathy pains for yours as the wind/power cuts affected mine yesterday and now it won’t come up to temperature 🙁
      I hope yours is back up and running soon.

  4. I know the feeling but hope all is well with you and yours. Hope you’ve been watching the sewing bee! I was thinking about you when I was watching it.

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