Back soon

Some of you may have been wondering where I am (others might not care – that’s OK, I don’t mind).  I am sorry if I haven’t been visiting your blogs as much as I like to. Life has been busy and I have been distracted.

I also moved from to my own domain using and I have been trying to get used to the new way of working and getting my head around it all. Blimey, I wish I was more techie!  I need to do quite a bit of back end stuff and that has been taking up any spare time I have had.

I promise to be back soon. Kath x

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10 thoughts on “Back soon”

  1. cookycaroline

    Wondered where you’d been. You’re far more ‘techie’ than me – I need to work on that when I get home. Looking forward to cooking in my own kitchen again.

  2. I’ve missed you and am very pleased you haven’t jacked it all in. Techie stuff takes ages to get sorted and it is a serious nuisance, but it is worth the effort I think. Look after yourself Kath and return when you are ready.

  3. You have done well to go – it must be very time consuming. The weather is good at the moment and we should all take time out to enjoy it! Your children must be at home too for the holidays………….

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