Crystallised Violets

Violets are a flower I am rather sentimental about and they are one of my favourites. This year seems to be an exceptional year for them.  The field near us has more than I can ever remember  before.  So, this morning the girls and I took a morning walk and picked a few to crystallise.  It is very easy but it is time consuming and it helps if you happen to have a few little hands that are willing to help.

When these are properly dried tomorrow I will remove the stems and we plan  to use them later in the week to decorate a cake.

1 egg white
caster sugar
freshly picked violets


Paint every crevice of the violet with egg white.  You can use a paint brush for this, but as I didn’t have three clean brushes in the house we used cotton buds, which did the job perfectly well. Then sprinkle with caster sugar until completely covered. Place onto a silicone baking sheet or greaseproof paper and  leave to dry.


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23 thoughts on “Crystallised Violets”

  1. Oh Kath, violets are so lovely, delicate but such an intense colour and the smell of sweet violets is heavenly. They also look look wonderful with my favourite flower, the primrose. Looking forward to seeing the finished result – will we see it? I used to crystallise primroses in my youth but haven’t tried that for many a year. Lovely thing to do with your girls.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Choc. I hope you will see the finished result – if all goes well. I love primroses too and we have a patch in the field of them growing together with the violets and some cowslips too, absolutely wonderful.

  2. they look gorgeous and I can smell them as I look at your pictures. We have loads in our back garden. But alas, I’m far too clumsy and impatient for good results. It’s like listening to lovely music. I enjoy, but don’t copy.

  3. They look lovely. I’ve always wanted to try crystallising flowers put thought it was tricky, you’ve made it look worth the effort ;0)

  4. Oh Kath, they are so beautiful and I am so envious. I wish ihad some of your crystallised violets as my Parsnip and Vioelt Cake would have looked extra elegant with daintier and freshER edible violets. I hope you don’t mind, but I’ve changed my crystallised violet petal link to your blog.

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