Back soon, hopefully

Just to say to all my lovely readers, that I am currently on holiday and was due to be back to normality and home again today.  However, due to a volcano erupting in Iceland, I can’t get home until next Thursday.  This means an extra week away for us, but  also an extra week until I can get back to regular blogging and reading everyone else’s lovely blogs. 

I hope to be back to my kitchen and cooking again soon and back to my much missed Mac.

Kath x

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11 thoughts on “Back soon, hopefully”

  1. I’ve just seen a travel alert saying people in Funchal might get cruised to Falmouth – hope you’ve taken your glad-rags! (and manage to get home without too much stress)


    1. Oh Vegboxboy, I wish, I tried and failed on that score, fully booked I am afraid. But we have just heard that they are reopening Scottish airspace, so we are hoping and hoping that the rest of the UK opens up before Thursday.

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