Leeks in an orange sauce

I really hope the old adage “a picture tells a thousand words” is not true in this case, as this photo really does no justice to how good these leeks are. But if you know a better way of presenting these babies on a cold dark night in England then suggestions are very welcome.

The recipe is from Sophie Grigson’s Eat Your Greens and can be found here so I won’t rewrite it for you. I do, however, urge you to try it. Even if you, or someone you are feeding does not like leeks then minds will be changed after trying these.

Leeks lend themselves to sliminess I find. This is rarely a good thing when it comes to something you want to put into your mouth. But by cooking them in this orange flavoured béchamel any potential slipperiness is coated in smooth unctuousness. This is always a good thing. The orange adds a sweetness which makes these the perfect partner for any roast meat and the silky sauce provides an excellent contrast to a crunchy roast potato. Make this as a side on Christmas Day and I promise you it will be perfect (even if the photo isn’t).



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