Kahlua and Coffee Ice Cream

If I was absolutely forced to name a favourite flavour of ice cream (crikey, it would be hard) it would be coffee (or it might be chocolate, or coconut, no it is coffee, although rum and raisin is nice too…). Anyway, I do love coffee ice cream and I have made plenty of chocolate, and plenty of strawberry and plenty of vanilla but I have never made coffee ice cream.  So last Sunday I dug out the ice cream maker from its winter hiding place at the back of the cupboard and made half chocolate (for the girls) and half Kahlua and coffee ice cream from a batch of custard using six eggs.

The Kahlua was bought for the gathering of friends a few weeks back when I made Nigella’s Espresso Martinis (oh my goodness they are good and worth the purchase of Nigella’s Christmas book all on their own I should think). This bottle of Kahlua was winking at me from the sideboard just begging to be used to flavour ice cream. It was a good call, this is a very good ice cream. It will be made again and soon.

The recipe below gives a 3 egg custard enough for about 5-6 servings of ice cream, but you can easily double it to make more.

3 egg yolks
300ml double cream
1 tsp cornflour
25g caster sugar
50ml Kahlua
25ml very strong coffee


Pour the cream into a small saucepan and heat until just below simmering point.  Mix the egg yolks with the cornflour and sugar in a bowl.  Now whisking the eggs all the time, pour the hot cream over.  When well combined pour the mixture back into the saucepan and  continue to stir with a wooden spoon over a gentle heat.  The mixture will begin to thicken and will coat the back of the spoon.  Take the custard off the heat and stir for a minute or so until it has begun to cool.  Add the Kahlua and the coffee and mix in well. Allow the mixture to cool completely before pouring into an ice cream maker and following the manufacturer’s instructions or pouring into a large freezer proof container and placing into the freezer.  If you don’t have an ice cream maker you will have to remove the ice cream every hour and beat well with a fork to combine the ice crystals with the custard until the ice cream is smooth and frozen.  You will need to remove it from the freezer about 15 minutes before you want to eat it so that it becomes soft enough to spoon out of the container.

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16 thoughts on “Kahlua and Coffee Ice Cream”

  1. Divine. I love coffee ice cream, too–even as a child. If we had none, my mom would spoon a little black coffee over my vanilla ice cream, and I’d vigorously stir!
    Sadly, I don’t have a bottle of Kahlua winking at me in my cupboard–an absence that must be rectified!

    1. That sounds like a fine way to enjoy your coffee and ice cream – affogatto style. One of my favourite memories from childhood was when I was allowed to order a Baileys ice cream if we went out for a meal – it tasted so wonderful. You must get a bottle so that it can wink at you too.

  2. And coffee is my favourite flavour too … though I have actually never heard of Kahlua. Must get some in and give it a go. Don’t have an ice-cream maker either, and even those ‘people’ on Come Dine with Me seem to ALL have ice-cream makers! So I’ll get one of them too while I’m at it!

    1. Ha ha Cathy, I love it! My mum kindly donated her ice cream maker to a good cause (me). They are expensive blighters, but if all those people on CDWM have one, then yes you must immediately get yourself one. I am rather taken with a dash of Kahlua in my hot chocolate of an evening at the moment – delicious!

  3. Very impressive! Looks so eatable lol. I think I would be hard pressed to narrow down my fave flavour of ice cream too … there are just so many to pick from!

  4. Though I don’t have any in my home at the moment, Kahlua is my favourite liqueur tipple. I used to drink it like an adults milkshake!
    I will have to make this recipe someday, only for me though 🙂

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