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The inspiration for making scotch eggs for the first time a few weeks ago was my daughter asking me to buy one when we were in the supermarket.  I didn’t like the look of the orange breadcrumbs and I am fussy about sausages, so I determined to make my own.  Whilst we were making them my daughter insisted that her friend at school had four scotch eggs every lunchtime. Not quite believing this, I told her that no, her friend couldn’t have four scotch eggs, surely she must have only have one.  I had to ask said friend’s mother the next day, and in a way we were both right as she does have four scotch eggs, or at least one quartered, which does look like four.

Anyway, my first attempt was a great success, with Mr O C declaring that they were the best scotch eggs he had ever tasted, which I take as a very big compliment as his Mum used to make them a lot, and it’s always hard for a wife to compare with a mother!

I made them for tea again tonight, with chips and baked beans – now there is a healthy balanced diet for you.  My excuse is that it is winter and it is cold and it is dark – is that enough excuses? Anyway they are delicious.

As they are called scotch eggs I have gone as Scotch as I can and added oats to the breadcrumbs, but feel free to just use more breadcrumbs and leave out the oats.

6 eggs, plus 1 egg for the coating
600g sausagemeat
75g breadcrumbs
25g oats
plain flour


Boil six of the eggs for six minutes.  You want them not quite hard-boiled. As soon as they are done, rinse under running cold water until completely cold to prevent the grey ring between the yolk and white, which will occur if you leave them to cool slowly.  Peel the shell of the eggs.

Divide the sausagemeat into 6 portions.  Take one portion into your hands and flatten into a rectangular shape that is large enough to wrap around an egg.  Take the egg and shape the sausagemeat around it making sure it is well sealed.  Repeat with the rest of the sausagemeat and eggs.

Sprinkle the plain flour quite thickly onto a plate.  Break the remaining egg into a bowl and beat well. Mix the breadcrumbs with the oats and put this mixture into another bowl.  You now need to dip each sausage-covered-egg into the flour until lightly covered, then dip into the egg and then lastly into the breadcrumbs until well covered.

I cook mine in the roasting oven of my Aga, which is equivalent to about 220°c (gas mark 7) placed on a baking tray drizzled with rapeseed oil.  I turn them a couple of times during the cooking and they take about 30 minutes to become golden brown all over. However they are normally deep fried in oil for about 6-8 minutes until golden brown and then drained on kitchen paper.

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15 thoughts on “Scotch egg”

  1. I love all the things you are cooking at the moment, chelsea buns, eccles cakes and now scotch eggs….I may be living in Italy but England will always be home home and these are some of the things I grew up with.
    I adore scotch eggs, my mum used to make them for picnics and long car journeys. I have never made my own.
    Your daughers sound delightful and very very entertaining – 4 scotch eggs, that is wonderful.

    1. Rachel, I think it’s time that you added scotch eggs to Vincenzo’s English food experiences. My children do have an ability to make me laugh on a very regular basis, and when they are sure of something then they are normally right, even if they are a little bit wrong.

  2. CT is sitting by me at the moment and looking longingly at your scotch eggs – it’s hard for him sometimes living with a vegetarian. He’s also wondering where the deep fried mars bars are!

    The eggs are beuatifully yellow – I take it they are from your hens.

    1. Oh Choclette, how I have giggled at that, please tell CT that the deep fried mars bars are sure to be next on my list – although I did foolishly step on the bathroom scales this morning, so maybe not!

  3. I have never eaten a scotch egg (which is shameful, being Scottish and all) but these look delicious! A far cry from the weird looking supermarket ones that have always put me off. I think the oats in the breadcrumb mix make it look wonderful 🙂

  4. These look amazing. I’m going to make them for the first spring picnic Andrew, Narna and I go on. Being oven baked I would imagine Andrew could leave his gaviscon behind! Scotch Eggs and Salad Cream, food of the gods. Xx

  5. I found your page through looking for Aga baked Scotch Eggs. Just made two for our lunch, FANTASTIC!!!! So chuffed that I got it right and the eggs (free range from our neighbour) were still soft inside 🙂 No more bought scotch eggs for us. Thank you so much. 🙂

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