Mincemeat bars

Mincemeat, like dogs, shouldn’t be just for Christmas. My mum makes mincemeat every year and some years I do too. Whenever mum passes me a jar I hurry to make mince pies and three batches have been made so far this year. Well, one morning this week I was practising my usual habit of perusing a recipe book whilst eating my early morning breakfast (everyone, pets included, knows better than to request my attention at this point in the morning) and came across Delia Smith’s Wholefood Mincemeat Slices in her Christmas book. These seemed to me a very good idea indeed. I have used butter instead of margarine, wholegrain spelt flour instead of wholemeal and added a sprinkling of flaked almonds and very delicious and moreish they are too. Delia, as always, has come up trumps.

150g butter, cubed
75g dark brown sugar
225g wholemeal spelt flour (or you could use wholemeal ordinary flour, but spelt is especially delicious)
100g rolled oats
250g mincemeat
flaked almonds


You will need a 28 x18 cm shallow pan, either buttered well or lined with silicone. I use my half Aga roasting tin and line it with Aga silicone liner.

Place the butter and sugar in a large pan and heat over a medium heat until the butter is melted. Pour the flour and oats into the pan and mix well.

Spread half the mixture over the bottom of the prepared tin and press down well. Spoon over the mincemeat and spread as evenly as possible. Cover with the remaining oat mixture and press down well with the back of a spoon or your knuckles. Sprinkle over flaked almonds.

Place in a preheated over at 180°c, or the baking oven of the Aga for 18-20 minutes until golden brown. As soon as it comes out of the oven cut into twelve slices but leave it to cool completely in the tin. When completely cool remove from the tin and enjoy.

Talking about dogs not being just for Christmas, here is the new addition in our house.

We are currently fostering her from the RSPCA whilst she settles into family life, but we plan to adopt her and keep her for many, many Christmases. And, in spite of me saying everyone knows not to disturb me during early morning breakfast and recipe perusing, Maggie gets special dispensation.

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34 thoughts on “Mincemeat bars”

  1. The Country Cook

    Sounds yummy! A good way to start thinking about Christmas, I’m beginning to get exited now will make some mince meat pronto,
    Maggie looks like a poppet but puppies are hard work sometimes, so good luck!

    1. You are not wrong about the hard work, she is absolutely exhausting. It is like having a toddler again. But she is also very sweet. I don’t feel mentally prepared for Christmas at all but will have to get myself into it at some point. These bars might give me the energy…

  2. Oh I’m definitely going to make these – with Delia’s mincemeat! And Maggie looks adorable – having a dog allows you to go out walking in all weathers – have fun!

  3. These look great! We recently purchased 25lbs of spelt that we scooped into quart-sized ziplock bags and threw in the freezer (want to avoid getting bugs in the grain).
    I’ve been hoping to make spelt flour and use it as a replacement for wheat- so glad you shared a recipe that calls for spelt. We’ve never had mince meat, though. What exactly is it? Do you have a recipe one could use to make it from scratch?
    Thanks, Kath!

    PS. Your little puppy is so cute… everyone in the family must be jealous that he gets your extra time-can’t say that I blame you.

    1. Wow, I am impressed with your purchase of spelt grain. How will you grind it? I adore spelt flour and use it as a replacement for wheat flour in lots of recipes.
      If you click on the link where I say “I do too” it will take you to my mincemeat recipe.But here is the link too http://theordinarycook.co.uk/2009/12/02/christmas-mincemeat-with-pecans-and-dried-cherries/. Mincemeat is a mixture of dried fruit, apples, nuts and suet (it could be vegetable suet if you want to serve the mince pies to vegetarians) and is a delicious Christmas treat in a mince pie.

  4. Awe, Maggie is so sweet, I am not surprised she is allowed to interupt your morning routine ;0)
    Lovely recipe too, I love finding new ways to use mince meat too, there are only so many mince pies a person can eat lol

  5. No, no, no! Mincemeat has to be just for Christmas …. soon there will be nothing special about Christmas at all, if we do it all year round! However, that beautiful little Magpie is definitely for all year round – she’s lovely! xCathy

    1. I agree to an extent about the specialness of Christmas but I plead guilty to eating mince pies all year round. I can never resist when I happen on a jar of mincemeat at the back of the cupboard.

    1. I knew you would Debora. She is finding her feet and racing round like a proper puppy. Her bad start means she can get very nervous of new things but as long as we keep to the routine she is loving life at last.

  6. Have you named your new addition after me ….:) I’m often described as an all round cutie too! I have never tried spelt but know I should – this recipe from Delia looks delicious.

    1. Ha ha, do you know I thought of you and I thought you may say that! The RSPCA named her along with her siblings Monty, Moby and Millie. We liked the name for her, she seems like a Maggie – cute and clever! You should definitely try spelt, it’s really nutty and so good in recipes like this and bread.

  7. I agree. That said, I am still in a christmas only rut. I am planning a mincemeat making session next week – I use jane grigsons recipe. I will be reserving a jar for these handsome slices which sound just like my sort of thing. Hello maggie I hope know how lucky you are to have such a nice family to look after you.

  8. What a cutie that Maggie is – may her Christmases be many.

    As for the mincemeat bars, I have plans to make something very similar for the Winter Solstice with my chilli and chocolate mincemeat. Mind you I’m torn now cos these look good too.

    1. Well I want to know what your plans are so make sure you blog that and maybe try these another time. Maggie is a cutie but if she chews one more beloved toy… No she is great and a proper puppy now running around like a lunatic having found her confidence.

  9. Love Maggie, you know I so want a dog – but with little time on my hands, a pet will have to wait a while, so you will have to share more with us about Maggie. PS I also made some mincemeat flapjacks, linking my blog entry to yours as they are very different and worth sharing, and oh, I have to disagree with you for once – I do think they should be for Christmas – no, no, not all year round – otherwise we won’t appreciate them as much.

  10. I’m with all your corrspondents who say a mince pie is just for Christmas. But I stretch a point with these – they’re not mince PIES after all. Thank you for reminding me about them: I’ve just made a batch. I don’t think my this season’s mincemeat will necessarily be that good next Christmas. That’s my excuse anyway.

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