Happy New Year

A quick note to wish you all a Happy 2020. I hope that this year brings you joy.

It seems a bit odd to wish you that when the world seems to be in a bit of a crisis at the moment. I took the decision to stop actively listening to or watching the news in December. I realised that it was making me feel anxious and that just by listening to it all didn’t mean I could change anything. So I am taking a break from worrying about it all, instead focusing on what I can change. We are trying to reduce our energy use and waste fewer resources. We don’t throw much food away in this home, what we don’t eat the dogs or chickens normally can, and if not then it goes onto the compost pile. But I am trying to make sure that we have even less. We are lucky to have a farm locally that sells organic milk from a vending machine, so we can buy really delicious milk in a reusable glass bottle and help to support a farmer. I am also lucky to be able to buy organic grain from Mark and Liz Lea for our bread. Mark and Liz live just seven miles away and Mark features heavily in a really interesting series of podcasts by Farmerama Radio, Cereal. If you are at all interested in local food networks or bread making it makes for an interesting listen when you would otherwise be listening to the news.

I am trying to make small changes that will hopefully make a big difference to our family and our sense of happiness. I am grateful for the small things to find joy in, the red sky this morning was really something to behold and my sourdough starter is bubbling away ready for me to make a loaf later.

I am also incredibly lucky to have a job that I love, passing on my love of bread making and baking to others through Veg Patch Kitchen Cookery School. Next week will mark five years since my first class for paying customers. The time has flown by. Nothing makes me happier than hearing from someone to tell me that they are making bread regularly since taking a class with me and that it is making them feel happier and healthier.

So whatever resolutions you may have made or whatever 2020 brings I hope you can find joy and happiness in the small things each day and maybe pass on your love of baking to friends and family either by passing on your skills or making them a delicious cake to share.

Kath x

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