Judging Sausages at Ludlow

It’s going to be a busy and exciting weekend.  It’s Ludlow Food Festival weekend – a major highlight of the foodie year – and this will be the second time I am going to be a sausage judge for the Expert’s Choice and helping to decide which sausage should take the top accolade this year (banish all thoughts relating to either Julian Clary or Frankie Howerd immediately!).  It was great fun last year and so I very much expect it to be the same this year. I am looking forward to meeting The Sausage King this year, as last year circumstances meant he couldn’t be there to proffer his knowledge of all things sausage. You can see how I got on last year as a judge in this post.

Whilst I am there I am taking the opportunity to meet up with other fellow Midland Food Bloggers, including Louise of Comida y Vida and Jo from Jo’s Kitchen. I am really looking forward to what should be a great day out.  I will let you know next week how the sausage judging went and what the highlights of this year’s festival were for me.

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11 responses to “Judging Sausages at Ludlow

  1. That sounds like so much fun! Enjoy!

  2. Oooh, noooo Mrs….. don’t banish the spirit of Frankie. It’ll make the judging so much more fun!

  3. How do you get that job? I know a certain 16 year old who would love to do that! Do tell us what you were looking for in your perfect sausage!

  4. Ohh i might see you down there. We’re off in a bit… so find our shropshire produce for your fidget pie. The kids are going to help me….I could end up with sweets, cake, chocolate and pop instead of cider, apples, ham and cream ha ha ha. See you monday… looking forward to it xxx

  5. Very nice to meet you. I think you did an excellent job of judging the competition!

  6. Never mind the Sausage King, you must be the Sausage Queen. Can’t believe it’s a whole year since the last Ludlow Food Fest. Sounds like a fun day, hope it was.

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