Plenty of baking going on

It has been a busy week.  My youngest daughter turned 4, much to her chagrin, as she would like to stay 3 if that’s alright with everyone else. I have been baking away getting ready for her family party.  The lucky thing had two parties, one at the soft play centre with her friends and one at home for grandparents, aunts and cousins.

I made a cake, a train covered with pink marzipan, but my novelty cake making skills aren’t up to much so I won’t embarrass myself by putting up a picture of it.   Suffice it to say it wouldn’t have got far down the track had it needed to! My first attempt at a novelty cake was a number 1 for my eldest’s first birthday, I was asked if it was a truck or a hammer.  How badly can you do a number 1?  Well, pretty badly it seems.

I made lots of things for the party, most of which have been posted before  such as Aga baked ham, sausage and sage pie and crispie cakes.

I fetched the medlars out of the garage yesterday and most have now bletted so I hope to make jelly and fudge in the next day or so. Wish me luck.  I will report back with the results.

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12 responses to “Plenty of baking going on

  1. Happy 4th, I mean re-3rd birthday to your little one and I bet your novelty train wasn’t as bad as you think.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Happy second 3rd birthday to the wee one (I can’t poke fun, I’m 21 with a decade and a bit worth of experience lol)
    Good luck with the medlars, can’t wait to see what you produce ;0)

    • Thanks Chele, yes poor thing has a real Peter Pan complex going on. I think it may be the thought of school getting nearer and nearer that is making her feel that way. She is not that keen on the idea.

  3. Aww, I think we should all get two parties and a cake made with pink marzipan!
    Looking forward to your medlar creations.

  4. I must agree with Louise, two parties and pink marzipan would be perfect about now.

  5. Come on show us your cake – you big tease!


  6. terrific–the medlars have bletted, now bubbling! so, so curious…

  7. Happy Birthday to your youngest Kath and a milestone for you too. I think you’re family are a rotten lot casting aspersions on your cake decorating. I would love my mum to have made me a novelty cake, even if I didn’t recognise what it was exactly!

    Hoping your medlar jelly and fudge work. Have you actually tried one yet?

    • Thank you Choclette. To be fair to those who make these comments, it was quite hard to tell, I am really rubbish at novelty cakes. The girls don’t mind so far and I will try not to embarrass them when they are old enough to care. I couldn’t pluck up the courage to try a medlar today, they smelt quite good but I still couldn’t do it. It just seems a bit wrong. The jelly looks a beautiful amber colour though. I will have to wait for the remaining medlars to blet a bit more before I attempt the fudge. I have bought them into the kitchen now as the garage is perishingly cold. I am thanking my lucky stars that I have a roof over my head tonight.

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