Fruit loaf bread pudding

A bit unusual for us this, but this morning I found myself with about half of the Fruit Loaf left.  Now, I made this three days ago, so whilst I was happy to have one more slice toasted I feared that the rest might end up as chicken food.

My youngest loves bread pudding, so it seemed the obvious way of getting the rest of the loaf consumed.  Sorry chickens!

Actually this is the perfect way to use up this loaf, my normal bread pudding recipe requires dried fruit, mixed spice and the zest of an orange.  Well, all of this is already in there, with the marmalade taking the place of the orange zest.  So this was easy peasy to put together and tastes really lovely. I did add a little extra mixed spice and some nutmeg because I love aromatic bread pudding.

750 – 800 g (10-12 oz) leftover fruit loaf
50g (2oz) melted butter
300ml (½ pint) milk
1 egg
½ tsp mixed spice
½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg
75g (3 oz) dark brown muscovado sugar


Break the bread into a large bowl.  Traditionally you are supposed to remove the crusts but it would be a shame to remove the crust of this loaf as it is so tasty so I didn’t.  I just made sure the crusty bits were broken up quite small.  Combine the melted butter and the milk and pour over the bread.  Give the mixture a good stir and then set aside to soak for 30 minutes.

Beat the egg and add to the bready mixture, along with the spices and sugar and stir well to combine.

Butter a shallow dish, I used my ceramic flan dish with measures 23 cm.  Pour the mixture in and level the top.  Place in a preheated oven at 180°c, gas mark 4 or the Baking Oven of the Aga for about 1 hour.  It may take a little longer, depending on your oven.  It should be golden brown and firm to the touch. Allow to cool a little.  It’s good warm or cold.


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17 responses to “Fruit loaf bread pudding

  1. Oh wow, what a brilliant idea and I am pleased it only has to cool a “little” – not sure I could wait much longer.
    🙂 Mandy

  2. Here, I haven’t even had the chance to comment on the fruit loaf and you are on to bread pudding! Ah, I can smell the tempting aroma from here.

  3. I just adore bread and butter pudding, I’ve never made it with fruit loaf though. Will have to give that a try (the next time there is some left over lol)

  4. a very clever “repurposing” of fruit loaf, indeed!
    but, I must first make the fruit loaf.
    and, not eat it all!

  5. Oh clever, clever thinking! Just the thing in this kind of weather – a perfect pudding!

    • Oh Wendy, I have no idea why but my blog keeps marking you as spam. I am sorry. I have just found this lovely comment sitting in my spam bin. So thank you and I hope your future comments all get through. Naughty computer.

  6. Oh Kath, you’re a wicked woman. This sounds gorgeous. I haven’t made or eaten bread pudding in many a year, but now I want a slice – good winter fare.

  7. I don’t like the traditional bread pudding. Or shall I say, I have not come across one that i have liked. But i have to admit, this version of yours made with a fruit loaf sounds much more appealing. It looks like good rib sticking grub too.

  8. Hey! Found this recipe a few weeks ago & made this bread pud…WOW is all I can say…it lasted one day! So very nice…simple & easy & tastes absolutely scrummy!!! Took me ages 2day to find your recipe again…therefore…this has now been saved as my absolute favourite lol!!!!

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